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The Black Hole Literary Review is Back!!! 


The Black Hole now has a reunion group on Facebook

The Black Hole

With all the friends piling up in my Facebook, I figured it was time to start this Reunion Group. It's been 20 years since the Black Hole Coffeehouse officially closed and 10 years since the Black Hole Literary Review shut down. For some crazy reason, I'd like to think the Black Hole is not going to end up as just a sign over my mantle and a lot of strange hazy memories in the back of people's minds. 

This is for 

Friends of the Black Hole Coffeehouse, The Black Hole Literary Review, The Black Hole Ashram, and Black Hole Productions.  Open to "The Group." , The Old Holers, The New Holers, The New Old Holers, The Old New Holers, and all folks who experienced The Hole in any of its many forms.






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