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He's back from the taxidermist. The Monarch of the Forest II has come to rest on my fireplace.


The previous occupant of the spot got moved across the room, a smart little 8 pointer called "Mister Deer." He was my first bow kill buck from 1991. He entertained all three of my sons over the years. In the old days, I would come home at night and grab the youngest and we'd go say hello to Mister Deer and the work on pointing at noses and ears and such. He wears a camo logo cap: Roger Wyant's Original Sex Lures Advisory Staff.


Now Mister Deer and the new guy are squared off on opposite sides of the room. The new guy has the same menace in his eye as when I punched his ticket last November. Mister Deer has a look of dread and alarm.

Thanks to Damian Marshall of Wildlife Gallery near Lennoxburg, Kentucky for getting Monarch II just right.


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