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We teamed up with Team Robinson and did a 4 -dayer down at Big South Fork.   This was some of our best hiking to date-- perfect weather and perfect company.  No sense mucking this page up with a bunch of prose-- I think the pictures say it all.

Yahoo Falls


Ang and Dorf at the falls

Cathy Robinson and  Brendan

Below Yahoo Falls

On the way to Princess Falls via Yamacraw

Princess Falls


More Princess Falls

Still More Princess Falls

Scenes from the campsite

Devils Jump from the overlook

Close-up of Devil's Jump

Long Shot of Devil's Jump



On the trail

Scenes from Camp.

There's a legend that says if you jump up and down on Jake Troxel's grave and yell "Hey Dead Indian, What d'ya say?"  O'l Jake will respond with "absolutely nothing."

Barney, Brendan, 'Dorf, Sam, and Nicolle -- Some of the guys 

after summoning the voice of Jake Troxel


The Stairs going down to Yahoo Falls

On the trail to Yahoo Falls

An inhabitant of Yahoo Falls


All photographs by Scot Robinson,  Staff Photographer to the Black Hole Cofee House.



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