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When I look back on this season, I've had a several opportunities at bucks and countless opportunities on doe. The main reason I did not have anything on the meat pole is that I was hoping to see a big rack come in. Last night, I finally decided enough was enough. At sundown +15 min or so on the first Thursday some doe came out into the south plot at Midway. The big one turned broadside at 174 yards. I had the Win Mod 70 in 30-06. It took a couple of minutes for the other deer to clear away . Here was the result:

What's special about this doe is the weight:

I remember last year getting ribbed for suggesting that I'd taken 170 lb doe on this property. This one went 176 live weight. It ended up being a hard night, By the time I got her hoisted in into the freezer, I was spent. The dang viscera weighed over 60 lbs. After schlepping that mother out, both SuperCore and I took the day off.

30-06 with 165 grain Hornady Interlock did the trick-- knocked her over and the legs went up in the air and she didn't so much as twitch. It was a double lung shot and took off the top of the heart as well. This old girl had a lot of miles on her.

Exactly a week later, here was my second one:  same place, same rifle, same everything.  This one went 170 lbs.


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