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My son, Angus, is a member of the Cincinnati Caledonian Pipe & Drum. In fact, he's the youngest member ever of this nation's oldest operating pipe and drum band. We decided to invite the whole CCP&D down to the farm for a campout this past weekend.

It was too dry to risk building a campfire back in the woods, but we decided to risk having a fire up near the house. The impetus came from one of the tenor drummers, Jeff. Jeff had filled his truck with a lot of serious cast iron cargo and said he wanted to get it out and try it. I take it he'd been off cooking for a while and had a monkey on his back.

Jeff is a pioneer reenactor. He's also a serious cast iron cooker. Most of his stuff is custom made. In fact, he had to teach the smith how to make the stuff. I do a lot of campfire cooking, but it's nothing like this. I was humbled. Pay careful attention to the campfire pics. That fire ring was built between 7 and 8 AM on Saturday morning, because Jeff had a major cooking jones .

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