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Here are some more shots of the dogs.    We got Jay on Opening Weekend of KY Deer Season, 2006 from  Tri-State Collie Rescue.  Jay is still a puppy.  He was found wandering on a road in Virginia with his mother and bounced around shelters from August until we got him in November.  


Click on the thumbnails for bigger pics.

DOGPICS_001a.JPG (73680 bytes)DOGPICS_016a.JPG (117297 bytes)DOGPICS_021a.JPG (116026 bytes)

Tri-State told us he was skittish.  He still is, but he's gradually getting over it.  He's partial to KYHillChick and stays glued to her.  He used to run and hide from the shaman's walking landform of a body, but he's slowly mellowing.

This is Lily.  She's about 6- a beagle mix we rescued from our neighbors at the farm.  She was living off our handouts 2 days a week, and decided to give birth to her last batch of puppies out in our weeds on Holloween 2004.  I set her up with a bed in one of the barns and moved the puppies in there. After they were weaned,  we adopted her.  She's everything you expect from trailer trash.  When we go to the farm, she disappears only to show up much later with all her relatives, looking for a meal.  She never tells you where she's been, but she crawls up into your arms and lets you know that you're the only one and all the others meant nothing.

dogpics_014a.jpg (84265 bytes)DOGPICS_015a.JPG (119258 bytes)

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