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Some people just don't get the hint.  We got tired of the ATV tracks.  So we put up a fence to keep out the unwanted.  Mooseboy and I  finished just in time for Deer Season 2005.  After it was up, I had to admit that there's just something about hogwire and 5 strands of barbed wire that says, "Thanks , ever so much for coming.  Now, go way!"  Granted, you could probably get through if you really wanted to, but this is not a fence you want to run an ATV into at 4 in the morning.  After one weekend in place, I found fresh set of tire marks left from a pickup, peeling out in disgust.  I've started planting multi-flora rose and hawthorn on the fenceline too.  Let me tell you that this stuff is very effective.  I accidentally ran over a small hawthorn sapling while I was out mowing last weekend, and got three flat tires.   I'm also going to propagate some osage orange, and see if I can get that going.  

Many thanks to all my buddies on the 24hourcampfire for helping me with the design.  A special thanks to the Boggy Creek Ranger for pointing out some stupid first-timer mistakes that are now corrected.











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