Dog Slaughter Falls
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It all started in early 1998.  We were down in McCreary County, KY for a last fling at hiking before the baby came.  Angie and I engaged Cousin Tim and Buddy Joe Taylor to take us around to take in a few of the lesser-travelled scenic wnders.  It had snowed rather significantly, so the trip was absolutely beautiful and quite a bit more exerting.       

One of the last trips of the weekend was an aborted attempt to reach Dog Slaughter Falls.  We couldn't find the trailhead, so we did a rough guesstimate of where to go in.  We actually got within 75 yards of the falls, but the terrain was too steep, and slippery, and we finally had to call it quits.

Dog Slaughter Falls has remained the holy grail of our hiking for 6 years.  Finally, we found exact directions to the shortcut off forest road 195 near Cumberland Falls.  2.7 miles in, we found the trailhead.

It was worth the wait. 


BTW:  I have no idea why they call it Dog Slaughter Falls.  Whatever the cause, it's been over 150 years since it got its name.  We saw no dogs.

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