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From Glasgow 2009

Received: Sun, 31 May 2009 23:28:21 -0400
From: "Bev"
Subject: Glasgow
Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 23:29:18 -0400

This just in from Glasgow from our finest reporter, the Peginator.....

A beautiful day in Glasgow....Kentucky, that is, for those of you who
might have thought you were in Scotland, had you attended the
Scottish games in our city. The many clans, the Scottish foods, and most
of all the pipers and
drummers. This year we were honored to have the Cincinnati Caledonian
Grade V band return for another year and again claim the top prize in
division, having won best piping, best drumming, best bass section and
best in ensemble.
The crowd would have given them a standing ovation had they not
already been standing. The CCPandD also won bass drummer of the day,
tenor drummer of the day,& snare drummer of the day.
We congratulate our friends to the North, even if they are over the
Mason-Dixon line.

The P.M. of the day was not too clear. Would the real p.m . please
identify yourself as you did not look like Dave Mason, but rather a
lot like Matt Kelly. Way to go Matt on leading your band to a win.
Although small, you
seemed mighty in sound and the judges made note of this.

The solo competitors also did well, with many earning points and
medals. No one received a "seriously disturbing" remark from any
judge and so the soloists were pleased. Our youngest competitor, L'il
Angus earned
his first 1st. pl. medal. Due to the extreme excitement and pride of
his father,
he may need to pack some "depends" next time (maybe Rose could get
him a discount).

The many elves who watered us and set up, you know who you are. A big
thank you to Gwynne too for all you do. And remember, they do have
trash cans at the games.


sunny and cheerful for a job well done,
Here's to a big turnout at the Ohio Games.


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