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VOR:   2001
Pooh Corner
Die Jagende Hütte
Das Geheime
Der Schinkenhütte
Die Milchhütte
Die Nützlichkeithütte
Die Fleischstange II
Der Zaund
Der Gewehrständer
Das Kartenzimmer
Midway Phoenix








Der Bauernhof am Loch im Ende des Stumpfes

dfarm0210.JPG (353990 bytes)

The house at moonrise.  October, 2001 


. . . and here's a photo mosaic I stitched together based on shots from 11/13/2004.  This is just a thumbnail. Click on it and step back.  It's about 2 MB, so it'll take time to load.


dfarm0110b.JPG (89640 bytes)

October, 2001 The view coming up the road at Moonrise.



The house looking from the South 7/18/2009.  Click on the thumbnail.


Here's the before and after shot:

Before: October, 2001

After:  September, 2003


We had a little F-1 tornado come through in March 2006.  It didn't do much except pull off some shingles and take the shooting table and bench and deposit them out in the pasture.  It did give us a good excuse to put on a new roof, as well as posting some new pictures.  You can see a summary of the past few years' activities in this photo:


We picked green shingles-- that's what was on it prior to the black roof.  Also, we had city water run to the site.  We're not hooked up, but what the hey!  Also I had Junior come down with his dozer and put in a circular driveway.  Lastly, I electrified the cistern so that it's easier to draw water.

Turkey Camp 3/31/2007


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