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KYHillChick tried her hand at some serious shooting.  That's my Savage 340 in 223 Remington. 


Not bad for a beginner.  Ah!  Another unwitting citizen of the New World Order, brought into the clutches of the Gun Culture Heresy!  Soon, she'll be reduced to a booger-eating moron like the rest of us evil gun-toting Americans. 

Take THAT Sarah Brady!  Take THAT Mayor Bloomberg!  Take THAT United Nations!

I'm going back down to my evil gun-lair and concoct some more evil handloads for my bolt-action assault weapons.

Here she is a week later, having concocted some 30-30 130 grain loads.  She loved those, so I broke out the full-house deer loads-- ate 'em up and asked for more!


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