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January 24, 1985

Black Hole Ashram of the Divine Nurn
Cincinnati, OH

Dearest Bill:

The Illustrious Swami Bogananda, wishes to inform you that he
understands your misgivings at the recent addition of a VCR to
the Ashram. As spiritual leader of the Black Hole, you are right
to question these expenditures, both from spiritual as well as
fiscal perspectives. Baba has many tasks to perform over the
next few days, but he has talked with me about this matter. I
will make a humble attempt to relate the Rolling One's divinely
inspired thoughts.

To begin, it is presumptuous for us to assume that material
objects are intrinsically klesha. The divine Nurn puts
materiality into the world so that we have a vision of its
Creator. The more materiality we have in our world, the richer
our vision of Nurn. 

That is not to say that he who has nothing cannot find Nurn. 
Freedom is truly for those who have nothing left to lose.
However, while one is patiently seeking this final release, is it
not preferable to be sitting at home watching one's favorite
movie? Are we such ascetics that we must flay ourselves of our
material skins in order to contemplate our Inner souls?

The Nurn, in all wisdom, has given you this VCR as a way of
testing you. The question remains are you to accept this VCR on
face value, or are you going to seek its inner truth? All
materiality that Man creates is done so to make him happy. Must
you stew over this spiritual conundrum as koan? Why not take
time experiencing the VCR as a complete experience? Take several
days just inserting the tape and listen to the inner working of
the machine absorb the cassette and thread the tape. Then access
every channel fifty times in succession. In this way, learn to
understand the machine and come to terms with its complexities of
personality and Divine inspiration. Make this an exercise for
the entire Ashram; encourage all the devotees to spend time with
the machine as part of their daily sahdna.

One other matter that needs to be discussed, our catalog store in
Columbus reports that you have an outstanding invoice of $479.25. 
Could this possibly be the same VCR you have left in the box
since Christmas? Please let them know of your intentions of
keeping the VCR and paying promptly.

Praise That which nods from side to side.
Praise That which sticks to the carpet.
Praise That which makes strange noises.


Rama-Ji Fong,
Assistant Secretary to Swami Bogananda

P.S Baba wishes to know if you have been able to find a copy of
"Blue Velvet." He has heard much of this movie and wishes to see
it. He is also looking for an original cut of "Run Silent, Run
Deep." The 42nd Street Ashram caught "RSRD" off WOR in New York,
but it had been edited for commercials. 

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