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Originally published in Kallisti Komics and the Black Hole Literary Review in 1982 through 1991.

This series enraged several local cults. Everyone thought I was writing about them.  Actually, I was just having fun.  It finally ended up in a heated confrontation with the treasurer of the local Krishnas in 1989.  When he found out that I had no bone to pick with Krishnas or any other group, he lightened up.  He finally got the joke.  Krishnas are still my favorite group for a free veggie Thanskgiving banquet.

Most of the people and plots are surprisingly real, although I had to change a lot of names.  The biggest problem I had in those days was that everyone in the neighborhood was certain that the Black Hole Coffee House was a cult, and that I was some mad Charlie Manson type. 

 What was the Black Hole? Jane Durrell, head of publicity for the Art Museum described it this way:  "Bill, you have the only true salon in Cincinnati."  At that point I felt Gertrude Stein could move her fat dead rug- munching butt over and give me room. 

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