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Of all my deer rifles, this is the one I have the greatest confliction.  The first few years I just  could not find a load that worked.  Accurate?  You bet.  The deer just were not falling over.  It got shelved for several years while #2 son, Moose switched to an M1 Garand to finish out his career as a yute hunter.  Now, #3 son, Angus is ramping up as a yute and he has shown me that this rifle can and will drop deer. 


johnhuntb2002.JPG (182240 bytes)

Mooseboy  in 2002

Angus in 2008


The current loading is Winchester 150 grain Powerpoints over H4895.


2002  --  Ode to a 30-30    Part IPart II , Part III

2008 --  Angus' First Blood





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