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It all started back in 2008 when I realized there was an ideal spot for a treestand that would cover the length of two food plots I put up a buddy stand; and pulled two deer out of the plots that year.  I'd been spoiling for years to put up a serious all-weather shooting house, and my trips out with Angus had convinced me that it would not be long before the two of us would not fit into buddy stand.

Over the winter I came up with a design that would comfortably handle two hunters, and take advantage of all the scraps I had left over from rehabbing the farm house.

The original design was set to be put up on 8 foot treated fenceposts.  However, there was a problem with that.  The Elevator brand brackets were just not built to withstand all the weight.  We found out the easy way.  As we were erecting the second wall one leg let go, and I quickly found out that fat men don't fly too well.  It could have been a lot worse if the it had all held together until the roof was on.  Yikes.

After a month hiatus, we all went back to work.  From the 8 foot fenceposts, we cut stubby little legs and got the height of the floor nor more than 2 feet of the ground.  One floor joist was shattered and needed to be replaced.  I have to say that working at 2 feet was considerably easier than 10. 

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