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Mooseboy finished out his career as a Yute Hunter with a button buck out of the Campground stand.

Let me tell you that it happened none too soon, either.  This guy has grown!!!  It was a hard squeeze for both of us in the buddy stand.

My Timex Hunting Timer wristwatch said that a minor hunting peak was due at 0850.  We counted down the seconds, and as soon as we hit zero, we heard a rustling in the bushes.  Nothing came of it, so Moose dozed off thinking it was squirrels, at 0915 this fellow came out and stood broadside at 70 yards.  At that range, we could not see the buttons.  I told Moose that if he wanted a doe, it wasn't going to get any better than this.  Moose aired him out with the M1 Garand. You have to love those 165 Hornady SP's.  Not only did he dispatch the deer, but did a pretty good job of cleaning him out, all we had to do was follow the trail of organs a few yards. My goodness, it made a hole!



We took the carcass to Meyer's in Lennoxburg. We're having Jake give us the grind as his yummy medium breakfast sausage. 

BTW:  Here's a quick retrospective of Mooseboy through the his six years as a Yute hunter.  They grow up so fast!

2001 , helping Dad bag Spike, the Wonderbuck

johnhunt2002.JPG (194324 bytes)

2002 -- Just passed Hunter Ed and ready to hunt

2003 -- Don't say my kid can't shoot!















2004 -- Moose's first

2005 -- 1st with a Muzzleloader

Last year with his Yute Rifle, the M1 Garand

2007 -- Moose's Last Yute Season





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