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You don't usually see a Mother's Day Dinner listed among a family's adventures. This one was a bit different.  We had Mother's Day out at the farm this year. That would have been adventure enough.  However, I vowed to fry chicken for the whole tribe. I took a huge skillet and put it on top of the stove, put an inch of oil in it and had at it.  The rest of the crew retired to the front parlor. 

It quickly became obvious that the tilt of the house was going to cause problems.  The electric stove was on a tilt, the skillet was on a tilt. Oil was bubbling over on the low side and  soon it caught fire.  It was quite a conflagration. I was torn between trying to save the chicken and putting out the fire. It was touch and go there for a while.  I had a handful of sodium bicarb ready if the need arose.  By the time the chicken was done, the fire had burned out however, and we got to eat as if nothing had happened.  Angie came in at one point to check on me during the worst of it.  I'd opened windows and doors and was venting the smoke with a couple of window fans.  I told her I had it under control, and she just calmly shut the door to the parlor and informed everyone that dinner would be served on time.

The chicken was excellent. A good time was had by all.



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