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Dave Berry was at the Black Hole one Friday night back in 1986.  He had been working on this rather large novel for some time and did not have a good way to get it published.  We got to talking. Nobody wanted to touch an 800 page novel on a first time out.  It was also the first part of trilogy.  I was dabbling with bulletin board technology at my job with the mutual fund.   It was that ensuing conversation that eventually led to the formation of the Black Hole Literary Review, Earth's first totally electronic magazine.  The Adventures of Nemo became one of the first things I published, and it was a perennial favorite of readers throughout BHLR's history. 

Here is the novel as it originally appeared in the BHLR:

NemoNovel.pdf  click on icon

Dave is currently living in Florida. He works as an artist.  Here is a link to his web page:

Dave Barry Art


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