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TO: General Secretary, Bogananda International Missions 
FROM: Wm. Allendorf, Proprietor Black Hole Ashram 
DATE: November 13, 1991 
RE: Severing of relationship

It is with the gravest of heart that I write to inform you that
the Black Hole Ashram has decided unanimously to withdraw from
the Bogananda International Missions, and relinquish our
franchise with Bogananda Enterprises, Inc. We have several
reasons for withdrawing. I will attempt to summarize them:

1) We strongly disagree with the promotion of Ober-Swami
Prahdnabishnukuramakti Singh to the position of head of
international relations. He and his cadre of operation
specialists have shown a blatant disregard for fair play and
world peace. We cite the following examples of his actions to
illustrate our point:

We do not believe that his use of the Bulgarian Bogananda
mission in the early 1980's to incite the attempted
assasination of Pope John Paul II to be in the best
interest of the cause. P. Singh's assertion that this was
"just a personal matter between himself and J2P2" ducks the
real issue.

Although we can understand desire to increase the overall
world readiness of the Bogananda World Mission, we think it
excessive for him to have gone on Radio Boga offering
"$1000 American and a night with a blonde infidel" to any
Iraqi pilot who would fly his combat aircraft to a rented
airstrip in Iran. He should have at least had the sense to
clear his plan with Iranian officials. His overall lack of
sensitivity in this situation is rather typical. Those
aircraft would now be flying for the glory of Bogananda if
things had been handled better.

2) We do not believe that the funds we raise from our mission
should go towards funding the a nuclear arms research program
proposed by our Sikh Nationalist faction. Although our hearts go
out to our Sikh brothers, we cannot fully believe that the fruits
of these efforts are for purely humanitarian and defensive
purposes. This is yet another example of the pervasive effect of
Mr. P. Singh on the organization.

3) Recent disclosure of the details behind the aborted
BOGAMoskva-91! recruitment drive in Moscow make us seriously
wonder what was going on in the hearts and minds of the planners.
To quote an independent news agency:

"Relgious extremists used surplus WWII gliders towed by
small civillian aircraft to infiltrate Soviet airspace. The
mission was at least partially successful, landing several
on main streets near the Kremlin. Emerging from the
gliders, hundreds of members of the Swami Bogananda sect 
based in West Germany came pouring out in combat web harness
and prayer robes. Some managed to pass out religous tracts
to stupefied onlookers before KGB and police units
apprehended the entire group."

As we are still trying to recover two of the people from our
outreach ministry who were coerced into this fiasco, this is a
very sore point. The word we have is that our missionaries were
told they were on their way to a fundraiser in Hamburg, and were
very surprised to find themselves being strip searched in
Lubianka Prison.

Please begin whatever procedures are necessary to remove the
Black Hole Ashram from its affiliation with the International
Mission. We are not severing our ties with Swami Bogananda
completely. We still hope to have cordial relations with the
master himself, and we also wish to maintain our wholesale/retail
operation for Amster Body Essense Products and the regional
distribution franchise for Belgian Fabrique Nationale and Heckler
and Koch firearms.

The Black Hole Ashram is planning on starting its own ministry
based on the philosophy of Neo-Cargoism. We will shortly be
issuing press releases declaring our Wyoming Ashram as a center
for the Care and Worship of Cargo.

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