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Imagine my surprise-- led out into Pop's garage with my eyes closed and then told to look.

There it stood.

Der Jagende Gewehrständer!  Not only that, but it was a jagende gewehrständer   made my the very fruit of my loins,  # 2 son AKA  Moose (no longer Mooseboy).  Moose made it in shop class.  It took him all of fall quarter.  His shop teacher was mightily impressed.  So was I.  Moose said he found plans for it out on the web from a guy who built it to withstand the winds of a Kansas winter.  Hopefully I'll get him to give us details.  

What is a jagende gewehrständer?  It's a rack for the growing arsenal of hunting rifles we have to hold on to when it comes time to sight in for the season.  Our porch at deer camp was filling up with rifle cases.  This gets them all up off the floor and stored upright, with room for eight on each side.



Look at this thing!  It's huge!  It's solid! It's all 2 inch cedar.  It's . . .  It's too big to fit through the front door.  We'll have to devote a whole shed down at the farm for it's storage-- I'd never dream of leaving it out for the neighbors to steal.   No, not Moose!  I mean the rifle rack.

KYHillChick has a story of her own about how she helped Moose get it over to my folks for Christmas.  All I know is that one night last week she was gone a mighty long time with my truck allegedly picking up #1 and #2 son for a trip over to our house to desecrate . . . er, decorate the Christmas tree.  

This is a developing story.  More to come.



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