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The past few years, I've been reporting from Turkey Camp a day or so ahead of the Opener. I'm out there glassin' and frettin' and . . . just can't stand it, ya' know? So this year, I'm back in the saddle again-- got a new job after 2 seasons on the sidelines. It's a bit of a crimp to the the turkey hunting, but I am not complaining.

So the Opener kind of came on hard and fast. One minute, I was at my desk, being a computer wonk and the next minute I'm fighting rush-hour traffic.

Angie and Junior and Angus went down ahead of me. Even SuperCore made it before I could get there. It was just barely dark when I arrived, amid a minor pour-down. Conditions worsened. By midnight, we were taking rain by buckets and 40 MPH gusts. I distinctly remember being wakened by one that moved the house.

0500 came all to quickly. However, there was a good surprise: a setting full moon and a clear sky. It was warm too! About 52 F as we packed up and left for the blinds. Angus and SuperCore went off toward Broken Corners. I went to the Honey Hole.

Flydown was sort of a bust and I was just getting to feeling the fact that I'd been sitting too long when I spied three jakes coming up my blind side on the right.

The tale of the tape: 24.5 lbs, 10.5" beard and spurs starting to hook-- I'm guessing a 3 year old. He was fat enough that he broke the stick I was using as a handle for my turkey tote.

It started raining just as we got back in. It's been 20 MPH gusts and stinging rain ever since.

Angus and Supercore didn't have much luck in the morning, but Angus got a shot at one and missed about a half hour ago. We're all in now, and I know where Angus and I are going in the morning.

Here are some pics from the Opener:

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