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TO: Julio T. Kravetz, Regional Director of Merchandising
FROM: Wm. E. Allendorf, Prop. Black Hole Ashram
DATE: July 18, 1987
re: medallions, fireworks, etc.

In regards to your query: we are in the process of manufacturing
a J.W. Bear-in-Heat devotional medallion. This item will be
available soon from the Ashram Gift Shop. We were hoping to have
several thousand stamped out to sell at the Swami Bogananda
Roadside Fireworks Emporium prior to Independence Day-- this
project is one of our big grossers. However, we were barely able
to process the shipments from the Bogananda fireworks distributor
in time for the holiday. As you may have heard, we were badly
taxed by a protracted war with the locals. Though the matter
seems settled, we were not able to put our full effort into the
July 4th holiday. Sales were still up over last year, but not
to the point we had anticipated. 

Aside from the M-79 Anti-personnel Sparklers, our biggest seller
was the Rolling Buddha Novelty. Kids love the way the little guy
shoots across the pavement, shooting sparks and whistling. It
was a good idea placing the devotional materials in the package. 
After watching the Laughing Buddha on Wheels, I am inspired to
rejoice. Certainly youngsters will be equally moved by this
simple graphic demonstration of all that is Nurn.

One of our more ambitious initiates decided to take the surplus
munitions we had requisitioned from Main Supply during the
hostilities and sell them at one of our booths. We discovered
the situation after a group of youngsters purchased a brick of 
C-4 and demolished an abandoned gas station nearby. I had to
sharply reprimand the initiate responsible for the snafu; all
surplus munition must be returned to Main Supply otherwise we
have to set up a payable on the books to offset the loss from
inventory. These first-year greenhorns must be watched


Wm. E. Allendorf 
Prop., Black Hole Ashram of the Divine Nurn 

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