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The Dream:  From The 1939 Outdoor Life 'Cyclopedia


The Cold Brutal Reality:   The Hearth Project Rev 2.0, 1.5 years after completion at the JHD Memorial campground.  The cooking surface is still level, so who the heck cares, right? Rev 1.0 fell over in construction.  The truth of the matter is whoever drew that stupid raised hearth never had a clue.



More wisdom from The 1939 Outdoor Life 'Cyclopedia

Yeah right!

Okay, here are some study questions:

1)  How many trees were cut down in the making of this home away from home?

2) Who the heck would actually build all that stuff for "but a few days"

3)  Are they still selling the stuff he was taking without prescription?

4) Imagine trying to pull this off in a State Park Campground.  How long would that last?

5) Imagine if you saw these two men in the woods today.  I count only one mattress. Would you be expecting the wives to show up at any minute?

Imagine the caption : ". . . So I said to Bruce, 'Oh you wicked, girl!  I was going as Bette Midler's Gift from the Oceans, and you stole my whole costume idea.'"

 I see this as a new show on the Outdoor Channel:  Queer Eye for the Straight Camper.


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