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11046: Ode to a 30-30

05/16/02-12:48 PM Posted by: shaman from Shooters.com

Ode to a 30-30

Part 1

The Dream

By Shaman

We all handle stress differently, and everyone has their favorite methods of stress reduction. Since giving up climbing without a rope a few years ago, Iíve found shooting a box or two of ammo at the range to be one of my favorites. Even better is buying a new rifle. Iíd been working up to this one for several monthsóthe problem was I couldnít make up my mind. I called my RA ( Rifles Anonymous) sponsor about a month ago and it went something like this:

"Bob, help me."

"Whatís up, Bill?"

"It happening again. . . only worse. I woke up in a cold sweat this morning. I was in the gun shop again, only I couldnít make up my mind."

"What was it this time?"

"It was .257 Roberts or 7MM Ė08. . . Yes, thatís it: a bolt gun in .243, or maybe a lever in 35 Remington or maybe a Savage 99 in .308. . ."

"Bill, youíve in that forum again, havenít you?"

" (long silence) . . .yes."

"Okay. Settle down. Letís go through our affirmations."

"All right. I am an addict. I buy rifles, not because I need them, but because I want them. I am powerless to stop my obcession, but with help from a higher power. . ." The litany continued for a few minutes.

"Feel better?"


"Okay, letís try this. What do you have in the safe right now?"

"Five 30-06ís , Two 223ís. Fourteen-"

"Okay, stop right there. Ask yourself this: for all those rifles youíre thinking of right now, what do they do that the 30-06 doesnít."

"Err. . . um. . . less recoil?"

"But I thought you said that last batch of ammo you made up had almost no recoil."

"yes. (pause)Um, Less drop?"

"All right then. You see, you really donít need another rifle. I dare you to give me anything youíre going to shoot at within a five-hundred mile range of Cincinnati, Ohio that you canít do in with either a 30-06 or a .223. "


"When are you going after a swamp cow?"

"Um. . .I dunno. I registered for the Kentucky Elk Lottery-"

". . .And then you can put some 200 grainers in the í06 and do just fine."

"I know, but the dreams seem so real."

"Look, RA doesnít ask for much. It doesnít even require you to believe in a higher power beyond Charlton Heston. It does ask, however, that you refrain from filling gun safes with rifles that you canít remember purchasing and for which you have no ammunition.

"Thanks Bob. "

There was a long silence.

"35 Remington? You say?"

"Yeah, I was just reading the other day. . ."

"Great cartridge, but itís getting harder to find ammo and brass these days."

"Or a 44 Mag lever."

"I can see that. You take a Super Blackhawk with you, and you can match ammunition. So what kind of prices are you seeing?"

"I bid on a Marlin on Gunbrokerí last night, but fell asleep just before the auction was over."

"Hmmm. I donít have my system up. What kind of. . . Hey wait a minute!

Youíve got me thinking about another lever!

"Would repeating your affirmations help? Bob. Bob?

"Sorry, I was just seeing if I had room in this one cabinet. You know. If I pull out this one piece of wood, I think I can jam one or two in and still get the door closed."

"Bob! Bob! Come back! "

(next issue Ė the trip to Target World)



11049: Ode to a 30-30

05/17/02-11:54 AM Posted by: BEAR from Shooters.com

Great.......are you tapping my phone???





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