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I went out this morning with low expectations. Rain was due before Noon. I figured that there would be nothing particularly hot, but the opener is after all The Opener, right?

Angus and SuperCore went out to Broken Corners. We are fairly convinced that gob that I caught on the Podcast a couple of weeks ago is indeed Mister Moto. That makes the third season he’s been gracing the Hundred Acre Wood. Angus and SuperCore went out to kill him.

I went to the new blind Angus and I prepared halfway between Midway and the Honey Hole. Halfway to Midway. What does that make it? Quarterway? I sat through sun-up and there was little going on. However, one gobbler that I scouted out earlier in the year had kept his roost at the head of Hootin’ Holler. He kind-of sort-of honored my calling, so I decided to cut the distance to him and went back to the Honey Hole. That is when he got interested and hopped down off his limb and made a beeline for me.

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The stats on this guy? He was a big healthy 2-year old:
Weight: 22.5 lbs
Spurs: Left= 5/8″ Right=3/4″
Beard: 10.5″

Mister Moto gave SuperCore and Angus the slip this morning. They stayed out until clouds piled up and it looked like it would open up at any moment. By the time they came in, I had the turkey in the freezer and was pulling the mower out to get an acre or so done before the rain arrived– missed getting it all done by less than five minutes.
It has been raining ever since.

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