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Opening Weekend 2004

14-16 May, 2004

The opening of camping season is always a mixed gig. It’s usually prone to rain. It’s usually prone to less than ideal temperatures. It’s also the weekend that all the bugs get worked out. This year was no exception. Andrea Ayers and Steve came down for the shake-out. It rained Friday and Saturday night, but the new pop-up tents were perfect. The ribs for the barbecue were fetid—knock a buzzard of a manure pile—so we went to plan-B and took Andrea over to Roosters to find her a "rich tobacco planter."

There was a nice hike from Gobbler’s Knob down through the bottoms of Willow Creek and up Heartbreak Ridge.

On Sunday, the men retired to Broken Corners for a little 22 lr. Brendan got a chance with the Ruger Single-6.

A good time was had by all.


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