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To say this Savage 99 shoots  308 WIN is a bit of a misnomer.  From the first time I shot it back in 2003, this Savage 99 has been shooting a downloaded round built to mimic the 300 Savage.  150 grain bullets did not work well in this rifle, so I went to my overall favorite, the 165 grain Hornady Interlock SP.  I use H4895, loaded about 8% off the MAX. I end up with a 165 deer load that travels at 2600 fps.  This is my idea of an ideal deer load.  Maybe not the best at 200 yards, but inside 100 yards, it will kill them just as dead as a 30-06 with a fraction of the recoil.

I originally had trouble with using military brass.  On the second firing, they started to stick in the chamber.  A Canadian fellow tipped me off that the Savage does not like thick brass. He suggested Federal.  I bought a bunch of Federal once-fired and the problem went away.


This rifle has a special mojo associated with it.  It has not taken many deer, but so far it has produced my 3 of my  best bucks to date.  This is my Opening Day favorite.


2003 The Savage Spoke

2006 Newstand Buck

2007  The Savage Spoke Again 




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