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Moose asked me on the way out Friday night, "Dad, am I going to be shooting your 1100 again this year?" 

"Son," I replied, "That is a very perceptive question.  Ask me that later."

Saturday morning, I sprung the surprise.  I brought out Grandpa's Mossberg 500 riot gun and handed it to him-- great gun, but not what you'd think of as a turkey gun.  Then we went down to the shelves in the basement, and I pulled out a new 28 " barrel and a True Glo choke and sight combination, and 20 rounds of Federal Premium #5.

"Now," I said, "Does this answer your question?

Angus already had received his Mossy 20 GA bolt gun from Dad the previous weekend.

We went out and patterned them Saturday afternoon.  Angus' new gun gives a bit of a punch when he's shooting a full-house load of #4's, but he can handle it.  It's throwing a decent pattern at 20 yards.  Moose's gun may take some fine tuning.  It's great at 30 yards, but the pattern thins at 40.


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