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In order to maintain continuity, contributors will have to submit a request to the Editor to become a member of the Weblog and the Forum.  Included in this request should be a penname (fictional or otherwise) and a short fictional biography.  This is to place you within one of the current member families of the Beaver Dam Camp Association.

ex:  "I am Fred Dillon.  I am the son of Mercy Woodward, who married Josh Dillon in 1985.  Mercy Woodward is the daughter of Dan Woodward. I have been coming to camp since my first Woodward Family Reunion in 1987. "

There are several other families that play a role in the Beaver Dam Association. Membership is open to direct descendants of the following families:
Williams, Cooper, McKay, Woodward, Strickland and Schnurman families.
Steinholtz maintains membership as compensation for their work for the Association. Other families can be allowed in by unanimous vote. The last of these was Strickland in 1962.  (I would advise against claiming kin to the Strickland family)

Anyone is welcome. We will begin this forum with the clock set to a few days before gun season. You can write in first or third person. You can introduce characters, you can use characters of others. However, you must be aware that if you use a character that others have created, there is a certain etiquette to this process. Writers love to see their characters blossom. They can't stand to see them misused or abused.

Time flow in this project is going to be something we have to work out.  My original plan was for this project to flow from October 15 to December 15 and then flow back to October 15, skipping the unimportant parts of the year.  In the first few months of the project we hadn't gotten much past the first few days of bow season.  I'd like to keep it that way for a while-- let things sort of flow slowly while we all get to know each other.

From here on out, the Weblog will be the online document of record. Please keep these submissions in character.  The Forum can be used from here on out to discuss the mechanics of the project.

For now, the Editor, AKA Shaman, will reserve the right to refer any submission back to the author for reasons of content or continuity. 


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