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Purpose:   In this test, I painted the UV-Killer on a sheet of copier paper. This most closely duplicates the test that Atsko wants you to do with their sample.

Click on Thumbnails for the original pics from the camera

In these two exposures, you should be able to see  in each shot:

bulletA piece of Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, purchased in 2002 used as a background. I kept the reverse side up.
bulletThe blaze camo control
bulletThe  highly flourescent hunter orange control
bulletTwo sheets of copier paper, obviously treated with UV-Brighteners
bulletAn 'X' has been painted on the left sheet of paper using UV-Killer
bulletAn 'O' has been painted beneath it on the same sheet
bulletThe bottle of UV-Killer is present under the tested strip
bulletThe cotton swab used to treat the sheet is above the bottle.

Description of #5Test:  From left to right: 

  1. Control shot made with flash
  2. Same setup, except lit by Black Light-- notice how the blaze camo disappears. Here, for the first time you can see a visible 'X'-- painted on the sheet with UV-Killer.  Also notice the cotton swab on the right-- one side, the side dipped with the UV-Killer is clearly darker than the side used to paint the water control.

Conclusion:  Finally!  Now we're getting somewhere.  The UV-Killer does have a dampening effect when painted on the paper.  This also coincides with the results that the instructions supplied by ATSKO say you should get with a 350nm UV bulb and their sample.  Also notice how the cotton swab has a dark end under the light.  I think this UV-Killer stuff works better on copier paper and the cotton in the swab  than on the hunter orange polyester fabric I used in the test.




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