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Purpose:  I have removed the paper, and we now have the reverse side of the Shadow Grass Camo showing again. I have painted the 'X' (UV-Killer) and 'O' (plain water) on the Shadow Grass fabric.

Click on Thumbnails for the original pics from the camera

In these two exposures, you should be able to see left to right in each shot:

bulletA piece of Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, purchased in 2002 used as a background. This is the reverse side.
bulletThe  highly fluorescent hunter orange control
bulletA sheet of the copier paper
bulletThe treated strip in the middle of the hunter orange control

Description of #6 Test:  From left to right: 

  1. Control shot made with flash
  2. Same setup, except lit by Black Light--  See if you can see the 'X' or the 'O' .  In examining the shot, there is a slight speck of the Hunter Orange that got on the fabric while I was painting the 'X.'  That should give you a hint.

Conclusion:  The UV-Killer has no effect on the non-fluorescing fabric.

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