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  1. Repeat of Test #1 using compact flourescent bulb
  2. Show differences between UV-flourescent fabric and non-flourescent fabric.
  3. Show differences between treated and untreated fabric.

Click on Thumbnails for the original pics from the camera

In these three exposures, you should be able to see left to right in each shot:

bulletA green felt fabric that was on the test bench throughout
bulletThe UV fluorescent copier paper with the big X from the earlier test
bulletA piece of blaze orange camo that did not fluoresce under the black light, used as a control for most of the exposures.
bulletA piece of highly fluorescent hunter orange camo.
bulletA small collection of strips of the hunter orange camo. These were used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the UV-Killer
bulletA cotton swab that had dried UV-Killer on one tip.

Description of first test:  From left to right: 

  1. Control shot made with flash
  2. Same setup, except lit by Black Light-- notice how the blaze camo disappears.
  3. A fresh strip of hunter orange camo was dipped in the UV-Killer to match with the other now-dried strip.

Conclusion:  As with the original Test #1, there was no sign of significant darkening of the test strips, old or fresh. You may be able to distinguish that the test strip on the right, the one from Test 1 is a bit darker.  The Blaze Camo fabric does seem to glow just a bit, but it is a reflection from the copier paper and the large swatch of Hunter Orange. You can also detect some contamination of fibers from the Hunter Orange and other previously undetected lint.  One thing is for sure, the new bulb made a huge difference in lighting up the copier paper, and you can also see the "X" from the UV-Killer applied on 11/6.  It is considerably darker, as is the treated tip of the cotton swab. 

There may be a difference between UV-Killers effectiveness on fabric with a high-cotton content (like the copier paper) and the fuzzy polyester fabric of the Hunter Orange.


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