Test #10
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TEST #10


  1. Demonstrate UV-Florescence in Mossy Oak Break-Up

Click on Thumbnails for the original pics from the camera

In these three exposures, you should be able to see left to right in each shot:

bulletA green felt fabric that was on the test bench throughout
bulletMossy Oak Break-up sample
bulletA piece of highly fluorescent hunter orange camo.
bulletA small collection of strips of the hunter orange camo. These were used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the UV-Killer
bulletA cotton swab that had dried UV-Killer on one tip.

Description of test:  From left to right: 

  1. Control shot made with flash
  2. Same setup, except lit by Black Light-- notice how the camo fluoresces somewhat.

Conclusion:  Out of a huge pile of samples, I found two fabrics that had fluorescense . This was the second. It is Mossy Oak Break-up.  The initial test under the incandescent bulb had shown nothing. However, under the new bulb, you can see a white glow coming from the white highlights of the pattern as well as the un-printed back of the fabric.  I placed an "X" on the back side of the fabric. You should be able to pick it out. I would call this the most positive test so far.



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