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Over on the left, you will see a listing of what I consider to be my better stuff from

I've been writing at since 2002 as  "the shaman."  I am not holding myself out as "Shaman". Rather, I'm "the shaman"-- same way you'd say "the plumber" or "the mailman." It's a vocation, not a pen name. 

As I wrote in 2006:

"As to the deeper meaning, all I can say is what else would you call the guy who hangs out at the campfire in robes and headdress, rattling his rattle, chanting, and doing his best to keep the virtual world spinning on its axis?

You guys just don't understand what a concerted effort it takes to make the sun come up every morning, the moon stay in the sky, the stars from wandering about in the firmament. Somebody has to talk to the frogs. Somebody has to tell the ducks when to fly over in formation so you guys can "Oooo" and "Ahhhhhh." Why, when a guy like me takes off for a couple of days to go fishing, the next thing you know we have chaos-- cats and pigs, wrestling in the mud.  It's getting so I have to jack in when I'm at deer camp just to stay ahead of it all.

You think all this runs off the Internet? Phooey. That cable you have attached to your system is hollow and it runs out into the wall and it comes out somewhere under your house and drops of pearly liquid form on the end. Where those fall to the ground, mushrooms grow. You go look, I'll wait. Heck, this whole thing is run off a powerful magic. If it wasn't for the shaman and his rattle, it would all fall apart."

Here then is an archive of shamanic writings from   Many thanks to Rick Bin,  the founder of the 'Campfire for giving us a clean well-lit place to hang out.




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