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Welcome to Beaver Dam Deer Camp

The Virtual Deer Camp Project is an experiment in participatory fiction.  Anyone is invited to contribute.  The basic idea is that folks write about their experiences at the camp. The camp exists nowhere except in the mind of the participants.  The current deer camp of record is located at  The Virtual Deer Camp.  It is in the format of a web log.   There are several contributors at present. There are links to submission guidelines, a history of the camp, and other links on this page.  Feel free to browse.  If you feel like you want to begin contributing, or you have questions or comments, please contact the Editor.  The project was recently moved from a forum.  The forum will be kept to provide a place for the contributors to exchange ideas behind the scenes.


Beaver Dam Camp circa 1950. Main Building seen from the Campfire

Beaver Dam Camp circa 1950. Main Building seen from the Campfire


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