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The story of the Whelenizer starts way back in 2004.  The last day of hunting, a freak wind blew my Remington 742 off the rifle rack and sent it crashing to the concrete floor at camp.  I sent it off to the gunsmith and he sent it back to me with a note saying it was unsalvageable.   I immediately went searching for a replacement.  VANimrod over at 24HourCampfire told me about this little piece.

Also about that time, folks on the campfire were discussing what a bummer it is that  hunters get a bum deal with Christmas.  Usually most of the good seasons are over before the holiday and any good hunting presents you get have to wait until next year for a good trying-out.  I suggested that hunting families adopt the Feast of Saint Hubert on November 3 as a suitable replacement.  KYHillChick decided that I needed the rifle and bought it for me for Saint Hubert's Day.

As it has turned out, "The Whelenizer" has been a great rifle that is still waiting its chance. The first year, I managed to bag Hubert, the Wonder Buck.  The results were less than spectacular.  Hubert took 3 in the boiler room before succumbing.  It stops deer, but I was surprised that it hasn't caused them to be any deader than a 30-06.  I have designated this rifle as my "rain gun."  It functions very well in adverse weather, and it cleans up well too.  The fore end is free floating so it won't warp and cause the barrel to move.

Since the article on First Loads, I have switched to the Remington 200 Grain SPCL.  After the incident with Hubert, I thought I should try something to keep from having that happen again.  There have been no repeats.  Whether it was a failure of the 200 grain PSPCL to expand on deer-sized targets or excessive cran on the part of Hubert will forever remain a mystery.  I use H4895  and keep the load well under the MAX.

2005 -- First Loads

2005 -- Hubert the Wonder Buck

2006 -- Newstand Doe

2006 -- Newstand Buck

2008 -- Season is Over


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