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 has left a new comment on your post "UV Killers":

Dear Shamen,
It is evident from your pictures that your incondescent Blacklight does not provide the short wavelenght energy to activate most brighteners. It has plenty of power, but all longer wavelenght than what is needed. Please google
and you will see several examples of fabric and detergent under both incondescent light and 350 BLB.
Is the counter accurate that indicates -0- following this blog?
Perhaps we should move this discussion to D & D H ?
Dan Gutting, Atsko Inc

Posted by to
Genesis 9:2-4 Ministries at Thu Nov 06, 10:12:00 PM 2008


From the Deer & Deer Hunting Forum



Per your request, I have moved this discussion over to the Deer and Deer Hunting Forum under General Discussions.  Yes, I saw the page for WASHING ACU BDU.  However, I must contend that the test I ran was valid, for at least as far as it went:

1)  I was able to get a glow registering on the camera.
2) There was a definite difference between fabrics that glowed and those that did not.
3)  I picket several pieces of my camo fabric and used my detergent
4)  I did see the effect your instructions said on the white paper, I just did not see it on the fabric

I will be more than happy to repeat the test using any illuminating device you want to send me. I will also be happy to substitute your choice of detergent.  Obviously Ultra-Gain just didn't have the right stuff.

Whatever counter you're looking at is probably not right.  I'm using Google Analytics on that weblog site, and I'm showing a pretty fair hit rate and it's currently climbing.  The site with the test results on it had quite a bit more. Right now, UV-Killer seems to be a very hot search keyword.  Either that's you, or there are a growing number of people interested in our conversation.


The shaman




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