What is Virtual Deer Camp?
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It occurred to me today that the world could stand a virtual deer camp. We need a place where it's always deer season. A place where we can always come back and find the stew pot simmering. My concept is not to compete with places like 24HourCampfire or BaitShopBoys. This is a writing project. Go ask those guys for help picking out a new deer rifle. This would be a good place for starting a post with something like:

" The alarm went off. It was way too early, but I knew the deer wouldn't wait."


"Fred looked over at me and said, "Kid! what the heck are you doing with that barrel???"

Is it real? Did it really happen? Who cares. This is VIRTUAL deer camp.

My proposition is this. Anyone is welcome. We will begin this forum with the clock set to a few days before gun season. You can write in first or third person. You can introduce characters, you can use characters of others. However, you must be aware that if you use a character that others have created, there is a certain etiquitte to this process. Writers love to see their characters blossom. They can't stand to see them misused or abused.

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