Winchester 670 30-06
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Years ago I bought this off a fellow at Gun and Nut show.  It was all beat up, but the fellow assured me it still shot accurately.  It had been passed between brothers during the Kentucky Rifle Season.  I spent a winter stripping the stock and refinishing it.  This rifle had the peculiar habit of shooting Remington 30-06 Accelerators with uncanny accuracy, so it spent many years as my groundhog rifle.  I called it the "Vaporizer."

When I got into reloading, I found that this shot a Hornady 165 grain Interlock SP over H4895 with greater accuracy than I could muster at the time.  It became my choice for hunting deer in my more long distance venues.  



2008 -- Shot for Just Bein' Ugly

2008 -- Briar Engineering


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