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30 March, 2001.

McCreary County, KY  / Big South Fork Region


Friday night, I checked the weather one last time and emailed Pook:

"It's a go.  We've got rain ending after 2200 Friday.  Optimum conditions on Saturday.  Overnight  going into Sunday is anyone's guess. It could be snow and 25, thunderstoms and 40. It could be sunny and a high near 50."

Little did we realize we were going to get it all.

Rendevous was set for the Burger Hut in Whitley City at 2230. Overnight at Alum Ford and then off we went.


Dorf, AngieDorf, Pook, and Anami did an overnighter in Big South Fork. We did a loop from Alum Ford Campground to Yahoo Falls, Yahoo Arch, and down to Negro Creek. We overnighted at Negro Creek and then back to Alum Ford. Total mileage about 13.5. Total elevation: about 1500. All except BigDorf got their cherries popped when a thunderstorm hit around 0300 Sunday. Weathering a storm like that in a tent is always a life changing experience. Dorf's new alcohol stove saved the morning


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It was about 0430 when I realized that there was something inherently wrong in idealizing backpacking with old gear. The tents had last seen the inside of a store during the Nixon Administration. This trip convinced me that trying to recapture the adventure of bygone years with vintage equipment sucked.



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